Thursday, July 28, 2016

Make it Yourself - Ant Bait

As they days grew hotter this year, we began to see more and more ants in the house. Every time we would kill a group, another would eventually turn up. Finally, they invaded Willie's computer room, and enough was enough. He did some research on how to kill the whole colony. Lo and behold, we had the stuff we needed in the house already!
Here's what you'll need for your ant bait stations:

Powdered Sugar
Bottle Caps

It's pretty easy to do, Mix 1 part Borax to 3 parts powdered sugar. Dispense into bottle caps. Place bottle caps in an area frequented by ants.

It's best to put these bait stations someplace outside, or in the garage or a shed. Try to choose an area that is somewhat sheltered, with a windbreak. It will also help bring the little guys out during the day if the location of the bait stations is shaded. That way you can tell how many are taking the bait home! *insert evil laugh here*

The idea behind this method is that the ants won't be able to tell the sugar from the Borax. They will take it all home to the colony, and the entire colony will ingest the Borax. This will cause them to be unable to absorb water, and they will eventually die.