About Me

Samuel and Ann Bunting Ward Famliy
I have grown up in Utah my whole life, and, although I do not practice the faith myself, I have been influenced by the teachings of industriousness and preparedness which are taught within the LDS (Mormon) church. The vast majority of my ancestors were Mormon pioneers, which was a brave undertaking, and would not have been possible if not for the determination and ingenuity of its participants. 
The qualities of hard work, preparedness, and dedication to one's family have been handed down the line. 

Dad and Mom
My father is a hard working man, and often took on multiple jobs to support his wife and three children. My mother found creative ways to stretch and save the money that dad earned, so that we children were seldom aware of our family's financial situation. We always had the things we needed growing up, and were given the things that we wanted whenever the budget allowed. I've always been grateful to my parents for the sacrifices that they made for us, although it took until after my teenage years had passed to realize it.

Me and Willie
Now that I am grown and married, I am grateful to have a husband who is just as hard working and dedicated as the rest of my family. We own a home in Southern Utah, and keep goats, chickens and ducks. We try to be as self-sufficient as possible, make for ourselves what we would otherwise buy pre-made, and learn to do for ourselves as much as possible. We both work, and have both taken on extra jobs at one time or another to make
sure that ends meet. We like to go on 
adventures when our schedules allow,
 and spend time with our little friends 
in the back yard.