Thursday, November 13, 2014

Pepperann's New Sweater

Poor little Pepperann the chicken chose the worst time possible to begin her molt. She dropped nearly all her feathers just before our "winter weather" set in. I felt bad for the scraggly little lady, and decided to intervene.

The only logical thing to do for a naked chicken in winter would be to clothe it, so I started searching for a pattern to make my little friend a sweater. I needed something simple, that would go together quickly, and that was crochet. I cannot knit, and it makes me crazy.

I found my perfect pattern on a blog called Adventures in Everyday Life, and you can view it here. The only thing that I did differently from the pattern is that I added a couple of extra rows on the belly. I tend to crochet pretty tightly, so I had to add on to accommodate Pepperann's breast.

Poor little gal was so scared after I wriggled it on her and worked her wings out of the slits, she nearly toppled over and fainted. Ever seen a chicken faint? I nearly did. She snapped out of it, though, and now she is trotting around like nothing is going on.

The only sad part in all this is that I think in order to get it off of her I may need to cut it. Oh well, if it keeps her from freezing to death long enough to regain her plumage, it's worth it.