Friday, October 31, 2014

Deer Hunt 2014

Uinta Flat

So, this year's deer hunt was sort of a bust. In four days we drove 200 miles, and were only able to catch a glimpse of a little 2-point buck. Since no one was able to get a clean shot, and none of us is so un-sportsman-like as to take a bad shot, we came home with no deer today. We did, however, get to spend a week camping on beautiful Cedar Mountain with friends. That was a definite win. Here are the best of the best of the photos we shot. If we couldn't shoot deer, we may as well have shot photos, right?

Dead Lake
Beautiful firey aspen trees

Pines on Asay Knoll

Cool clouds over Asay Bench

Sunset on Asay Bench

Old dead aspen, near Duck Creek Village
View of Asay Bench, taken from atop Asay Knoll