Thursday, September 11, 2014

Mom's Donuts

These were a cheap and easy way to feed the family in the mornings when there wasn't school. The best part? Two ingredients, unless you count the fryer oil.

What you will need:
A package of refrigerated biscuit dough (the smaller biscuits, not the jumbo)
A vessel for frying (deep fryer, or cast iron pan)
Enough cooking oil to cover the bottom of your vessel by at least an inch.
A shallow dish or bowl
A paper towel-lined retrieval plate
Tongs, or some other donut retrieval device
Heat the oil in your vessel over medium-low heat. Pour some sugar into your shallow dish. Place paper tells on retrieval plate. Once all this is done you can pop open your biscuits. Pull out your biscuits and put a hole through the center with your thumb. Stretch the dough out a bit (pinching, rather than pulling helps the biscuits to not break apart) until it resembles a skinny version of the donut it will soon become. 
Place each donut into your heated oil carefully. Monitor carefully, and when the bottom side is golden brown, turn the donut over carefully with your tongs. One the second half of your donut is golden and delicious, remove to your retrieval plate to drain a bit. Allow the donuts to cool just long enough that you can easily handle them. 
Take each donut and press each side gently into the sugar. You could also add some cinnamon into your sugar, but I prefer the original!
Serve immediately. There will not be leftovers.