Thursday, July 23, 2015

Newspaper Owls

This is another idea I got from the nursing home where I work. This was an arts and crafts project they did a while back. I thought they were so cute that I took a photo so I could figure out how to make them.

The first step is to find a sheet of newspaper with a lot of words on it. A long article, the arrests listing, the classifieds, they all make for good owls. Likewise, if you have a paperback novel that you're looking to recycle, its pages would make great owls as well.

Cut some owl shapes out of your newspaper. Just make a round bottom and horns at the top, doesn't have to be perfect.

Next, find some scraps of colorfully patterned paper. Any color or pattern should do nicely, but I would recommend abstract prints. It seems strange to me to make an owl out of paper printed with pictures of airplanes or ladies' handbags. Just a thought.

Glue your owl shapes onto the patterned paper, leaving plenty of space all around the shape.

While your owl bodies are drying, cut enough little orange triangles as you have owls. I've used construction paper for this. These will be the beaks.

Cut some circles out of black construction paper, and glue them to a sheet of white paper. I used a white pencil and traced around the end of my glue stick to get circles which were at least recognizable as circles, and which were roughly the same size.

Cut around the black circles, leaving a bit of white all around. These are your owls' eyeballs. Glue the eyes on first, then position the beak and glue it as well.

Find yourself some fancy patterned scissors (if you have them.) Cut all around the newspaper owl bodies, leaving a lot of your patterned paper showing.

There you are! Owls! Now, what can you do with them? Glue white ovals on their tummies and use them as gift tags. Punch a hole in the top and string some ribbon through to hang on your Christmas tree. Glue them to the front of a blank greeting card. Make tiny owls and glue them onto suckers to hand out at Halloween time. Hang them in a child's window. Better yet, make them with a child and let them hang their owls wherever they want!