Saturday, September 12, 2015

Growing and Multiplying Your Food

Here lately one of the themes of my brother's blog, Saving Money By The Numbers, has been cloning plants in order to multiply them. Here are his cloning related posts to date:

This frenzy of gardening-related recycling reminded me of some experiments that I have been intending to try for quite a while now. I want to see how well you can grow plants from seeds, pits, nuts, and fruit and vegetable scraps that you would otherwise throw away. I began researching this idea months ago, but had yet to begin my experimentation. Perhaps this is the kickstart I need! I feel like this sort of experiment will scratch that itch to grow new plants during the fall and winter months. Here are the posts I've already written for saving seeds that you might otherwise have thrown away:

Another idea I've been looking into is edible weeds, and trying to figure out how to cultivate and grow some of these items as crops. Some for me, and some for animal fodder on my little farm. Here are the edible weeds I've researched so far: