Thursday, March 24, 2016

Scrap Yarn Afghans

I really, really, really like to make afghans out of scrap yarn. It may be classified as a sickness, OCABD (Obsessive Compulsive Afghan Building Disorder.) Not sure, not a doctor. Anyhow, I'd like to share some of my kooky ideas and inspirations, and maybe you can get a glimpse into my afghan madness!

Although I like my afghans to look random, my anxiety and compulsiveness won't allow it. So, I devise a set of rules for each afghan. Crazy? Maybe. Effective? Certainly! I will include some examples of my "rules" with each sample afghan to illustrate my point. So, the most important first steps seem, to me, to be figuring out a theme or color scheme, and devising which pattern you would like to use. I've used various types of granny squares, granny triangles, stripes, v-stitch stripes, ripples, and even made a few star-shaped afghans.

Granny squares, using variegated and multi-color yarn with no white in it (except the one square that is black and white only.) The centers of the squares are made up of two to five rows of the variegated color, then enough black edging to make the finished size six rows.
Ripple afghan based on the pattern "Rustic Ripple" in the book "Ripple Afghans to Crochet" by Leisure Arts. Crocheted with two strands at once, and alternating colors in rainbow order. At least one row, but no more than five rows per two-stranded color combination.

Based on "Super Star Afghan" by The Crochet Crowd on YouTube. All shades of yellow and gold. Each color is at least two, but no more than five rows.

Granny Square Stripes. Each square is made of 1-2 rows of a color from the color scheme (red, burgundy, orange, peach, brown) and 1-2 rows of black, to make each square 3 rows in total. Crochet 80 squares. Ten squares are fastened together to form a strip, eight strips in total, and one of the contrast colors is used to make a row of single crochet around each strip. Using black, make a row of double crochet around each strip. Attach strips together with black, and finish with a row of double crochet around entire perimeter.
Ripple afghan based on the pattern "Rustic Ripple" in the book "Ripple Afghans to Crochet" by Leisure Arts. Made with two strands of yarn at once. Colors are orange and peach, and variegated/multi-color yarn with orange in it as well. Alternate solid sections with variegated sections. Each section should be at least two rows, but no more than five.

Granny squares made with orange, green brown, and variegated yarn containing those same colors. Colored portions of  squares are at least two, but not more than five rows. Edges are between 1-4 rows of white, enough to make each square six rows in total.
Wheel granny squares. Pattern can be found in "Vanna's Afghans A-Z," by Leisure Arts, as part of her "Zebra "Garden" pattern. Pink, purple, mauve, and blue, as well as variegated containing those same colors. First two rows of center "wheel" are same color, last row is different. First two rows of square portion are the same, last is different. All the squares are joined together by light pink yarn, using a single crochet and single crochet rows of various colors make up the border.

Now I just have about a dozen more to finish up! (sigh) I really may have a problem!
Thanks to my sister, Katie, and my aunt, Roni, for sending over pictures of the afghans I made for their families!