Friday, July 11, 2014

Mom's Chili Cheese Sandwiches

In our house, there is a common belief that quite nearly everything tastes good with chili.
Case in point: 

Chili Cheese Sandwiches

What you will need:
Butter (or margarine)
A pan for heating chili
A pan or griddle for making cheese sandwiches

Make at least one grilled cheese sandwich per person being served. 

While your sandwiches are getting crispy and your cheese melty and delicious, warm up some chili.

You can use any type of chili you should like. Canned, homemade, no bean, jalapeno, literally any kind will do. If using canned chili bear in mind that one can will top 3 or 4 sandwiches, additional cans will be required for larger groups.

Once your grilled cheese has reached a sufficient level of golden-brown crispness, remove to a plate and slather with warm chili. A fork will definitely be required for this tasty mess.

Who says grilled cheese sandwiches are kids' food?