Thursday, July 24, 2014

Weed Getting

Today we went weed getting.  No, I'm not talking about marijuana. Our neighbor across the street had a patch of weeds that had gotten out of control. Since they didn't have a fence so we could lend them our goats, we cut and hauled away the weeds to feed to our goats. We ran out of hay today, so it will work out great for the next few days. And the best part? It's free! All we had to do is haul them out. If you have goats, horses, sheep or cows and you want a cheap and easy way to supplement or feed them, hit up your neighbors for weeds, grass clippings (please note that grass clippings should not be fed to horses), or tree limbs that they can much on! Just make sure that there aren't any chemicals involved, and dole them out slowly so your animals don't get sick. We made a stack where our hay usually sits, so all we have to do is pitch them over the fence.