Thursday, March 12, 2015

Make It Yourself - Fruit Fly Trap

See the little fruit fly corpses? I'm evil.
So, I had some limes in my pantry that got shuffled to the back and forgotten about. Lo and behold, the little suckers hatched out a swarm of fruit flies! They infested my pantry, my compost bowl, and even made their way downstairs to Willie's computer room and started milling around an empty beer can on the desk. I hate fruit flies. They are awful. They are hard to get rid of once you have them, because they can go anywhere and infest anything. The first step to getting rid of these little fellas is to remove anything that they want to hang out near. Compost, old vegetation, garbage, dirty dishes, empty beer or soda cans. All of it has to go. Next, you need to lure the little nasties to their demise. A good, super simple way of doing this is with a vinegar trap. Find a small dish or cup, put a drop of dishwashing liquid in it, and add enough apple cider vinegar to drown a swarm of fruit flies. The cider vinegar will lure them in with its sweet-yet-pungent aroma, and the soap will break the surface tension of the vinegar. No surface tension means that when the fruit flies try to bob on the top of the vinegar to get a drink, they sink down into its depths and drown. Perhaps I like killing fruit flies too much. Perhaps I need counseling. Probably not, though. I just want a house free of tiny swarming insects.