Thursday, March 19, 2015

Seed Starting Experiment

Now that I've showed you how to build some containers to start your seeds in, I'll plant some seeds in them! I had popcorn, chickpeas and lentils in my pantry, mustard seed in the spice cabinet, black oil sunflower seeds in my grain bin, and mystery squash seeds from my mystery squash experiment.

Popcorn, sunflower seeds, chickpeas, lentils, mustard seed,
and my mystery squash seeds.

Mustard seeds on the left, lentils on the right.

Chickpeas in the yogurt tub.

Popcorn in the milk carton.

Black oil sunflower seeds in the pickle jar.

Mystery squash seeds in the coffee can.
After I planted all my little seeds, I gave them all drip trays, and put all the containers into a clear storage bin. We had one that our pet tortoise was living in, so it had a temperature and humidity gauge already installed. I put the bin in front of my sliding glass door, and put the drapes all the way around the back side of it, to make a little greenhouse.
Black oil sunflower seed sprouts
Chickpea sprout
Popcorn sprouts

Although I did not capture photographic evidence, I assure you that in addition to the above-shown sprouts, my mustard seed and lentils also sprouted. I forgot to take a photo of them when they popped up, and then we went deer hunting and I didn't water my plants before I left. Unfortunately, my mystery squash seeds never sprouted, so we will never know what sort of squash it originally was.