Thursday, April 2, 2015

Hedgehog Blankets

We had an old towel that had a few holes in it. While as a whole it was not much good to us humans, the spaces in between the holes might be useful to a smaller creature. Say, a hedgehog? We usually buy cheap washcloths for her to use for blankets, but recycled towel bits would work just as well, if not better!

I got my scissors out and began snipping out the holes, and cutting a people-sized towel into hedgehog-sized blankets.

Of course, I made a mess of fluff all over the place, nowhere more evident than on my sewing chair.

After the pieces were all trimmed up I set about sewing zig-zag stitching around all the edges. If you have a surger, that would be easy money, if not, just make your zig-zags as close to the edge as possible.

I ran a few blankies through the dryer to get rid of the excess fluffies, and tested them out. Gizmo the hedgehog seems to be pleased with the result. Don't be fooled by her grumpy-looking face in the first photo, she always looks grumpy... or evil... or surprised... She's a hedgehog, okay?

(Please note that these would also work very well as cleaning rags, but look at that face! How could I not give them to Gizmo?)