Thursday, April 30, 2015

Crochet Hangers

Make custom hangers by crocheting over them with your favorite color of yarn. Custom hangers give kids a fun way to keep their rooms organized by giving them a fun place to hang their belts, scarves, ties, hair ribbons or bandanas. They also serve a functional purpose in an adult's closet. Hangers that don't have hooks to hold shirts and blouses, or whose hooks have broken off, now have grip to keep clothes in place. You can use metal hangers or plastic, adult size or child size, solid yarn, multi-color or variegated. Choose bright colors for children, subdued colors for adults, or pastels for infants.

What you need:
Clothes hanger
Crochet hook (Size F)
3 yarn needles or darning needles
Needle nosed pliers

Start by making a slipknot with your yarn. Begin crocheting around your hanger, using a single crochet, and stitching over the tail made by your slipknot.

Be sure to pull your single crochets tight as you crochet, so your decoration doesn't sag.

You should also pay attention to how tightly your stitches are bunched together. Every so often, push your stitches together so that they pack together tightly.

Once you have crocheted all the way around your hanger, fasten off and attach one of your needles.

Use your other two needles as wedges to allow your threaded needle to pass easily under your stitches. You will need to wedge it open, as you have pulled all of your stitches very tightly, right? You may need to use a pair of needle nosed pliers to pull your needle through the gap. Please be very careful, though, as I have broken needles in the past trying to pass them under these extremely tight stitches.

Once you have passed the tail under your stitches, trim the tail so that it disappears under the stitches.

There you have it! So cute!

Need help with the crochet? Check out my Basic Crochet Stitches post!