Thursday, May 7, 2015

How to Clean Cast Iron

Once you've got a good piece of  cast iron cookware, you need to know how to take care of it. For a number of years I avoided using cast iron, because I thought that is was difficult to clean and maintain. Simply not the case! Here's what to do!
My potstickers lived up to their name.
First, if the food is dried on or will otherwise be difficult to scrub out, fill the pan with hot water and let it soak until it is loosened.

A little water
Dump out your soaking water and put a small amount of hot water back in. This is what you will use to wash the pan.


Now, please read carefully: DO NOT use soap. DO NOT use an abrasive scrubber. You will see in the photo that all I have to wash it with is a dishcloth. That and some hot water is all you need, otherwise you will damage the seasoning and need to re-season more often. If you wash and there is still some stuck on, soak it a bit longer and go at it again.

Dry it up!

Once clean, rinse your pan, put it on the stove and dry up the excess water with a paper towel.

Don't look at my dirty stove, please!
Turn on the burner and allow it to thoroughly dry using the heat. Once dry, turn off the heat and let it cool a bit.

Add some vegetable oil and spread it all around the inside of the pan with a paper towel. Once the pan is completely cool, put it away.