Thursday, May 14, 2015

Food Storage: Canning Jars

Willie and I were going through our cabinets, trying to get everything organized, but it all looked so cluttered with so many different packages of dry goods and open, half-used ingredients. So, Willie had a brilliant idea: canning jars!

We bought half-gallon jars for the ingredients that we kept the most of, and then put the smaller amounts in quart- and pint-sized jars. All of our spices are also kept in pint-sized jars.

Rather than mess with traditional canning lids, we bought plastic storage caps.

For the items that we don't use as often, we found jar sealers that you can use with your Food Saver. You DO have a food saver, don't you?

Finally, to keep track of which thing is what, we used our label maker to label all of the jars. Brilliant!