Thursday, October 8, 2015

Washing Clothes Without a Machine

The other day our washer gave out and I was left with a basket load of dirty wet clothes to deal with until we got our new washing machine. So, I decided to show you how we wash clothes without a washer! This method comes in handy when you're out camping, too.

After you gather up your clothes that need washing, and your laundry detergent, you will need to procure a clean bucket and a clean (read here: new) rubber plunger. Not a fancy one, just a basic model.

Put your detergent in the bottom of the bucket, then pile clothes on top of that. You will want to pack the clothing in the bucket pretty tightly, so that you can achieve suction with your plunger. Fill it up with warm water, and add more clothes if you feel it's necessary.

Now, take up your plunger and plunge! Be sure to stir up the contents every so often, so that everything gets clean. The clothing actually gets super clean with this method, because the plunger forces the soapy water through the fibers of the clothing, taking the dirt along with it. I wish I had taken a picture of the dirty wash water when I was done with it, but I didn't want to nauseate my readers. Rinsing is the same method, only with clean water instead of soapy. Depending on how much soap you use, and how concentrated it is, you may need to rinse two or three times to get it all out.

If you have a lot of clothing to wash, and have access to a bathtub or shower, you can use this same method in the bathtub. Rather than plunging your laundry with a plunger, you will stomp it with your bare feet. Don't be scared, it'll be okay. There aren't sharks lurking in your laundry to attack your feet. This works well if you are camping in your camp trailer, or if you're at a hotel that doesn't have a laundromat service. If you're out tent camping, just pack a bucket and plunger and you can keep yourself clothed for the whole trip! Someday I will own a washboard, and then I will teach you all to use one, too. One has to have dreams, right?