Thursday, January 28, 2016

Mouse Ears Purse

I came across this idea on Pinterest and decided I had to give it a try! Since I have two nieces under the age of five, it seemed like the ideal gift for Christmas this last year. And, since my crochet skills are somewhat limited, especially when working from a written pattern, I was relieved to discover that this pattern was very simple and easy to follow. Since the writer of the pattern has asked that the pattern not be copied outside her website, I decided to write a blog post just to show you the basics of what is involved in the project. If you're anything like me, you'll want to know what you are in for before you start the project. A link to the written pattern will be provided at the bottom of the page.

First, the things you will need to acquire are black yarn, and a contrast color for the edging, bow, and strap. Pink or red are more traditional Minnie Mouse colors, but you can use whatever color the little girl you're making it for might like. I used a seafoam green for one, and mauve for the other. You will also need a size "G" and a size "H" crochet hook, a yarn needle, and scissors. The stitches you will need to know are: chain, slip stitch, half-double crochet, and double crochet. If you need any help with these basic stitches, you can visit my Basic Crochet Stitches blog post. You will also be using a magic circle, but there is a video for that on the pattern website.

You will make two large circles for the head, and four smaller partial circles for the ears. Once you stick them together you can use your contrast color for edging, and then to make a bow and strap.

Once you have all your pieces made, you just have to sew them all together, leaving the opening at the top to make the purse. Simple enough, right? I thought so! It only took a few hours for each purse, and I think the results are super cute! Now, if this is a project  you would like to undertake, you can find the pattern here: Crochet Minnie Mouse Purse.