Thursday, May 12, 2016

Wax Paper Stained Glass

Often times when I tell people about my recollections from childhood they are astonished at just what I remember. This is the case with Wax Paper Stained Glass. When I was in kindergarten my family lived in Evanston, Wyoming. The school I attended was large, and had a lot of interesting programs and activities. We always had good crafts and projects in my class, and as near as I can remember, this was one of them. I've been meaning for quite some time to recreate this childhood activity, so here's how I did it!

First things first, I gathered my tools and materials together. I found my used crayons and vegetable peeler at the thrift shop. I also brought a paper plate, wax paper, construction paper, an iron, and some patterned scissors into the equation.
Your first step will be to select the colors for your stained glass, and peel back the wrappers a bit.

Cut some pieces of wax paper. Honestly, the bigger the pieces the easier it will be to make.
If you are planning on making a large stained glass, or a lot of small ones, it might be beneficial to scrape off a lot of wax with your peeler, and collect it on a paper plate.
This was a big mistake. This is waaaay too much wax for this sized piece of wax paper. It escaped off of all the edges. It was a huge mess. Remember, a little goes a long way.
Sprinkle just a little of your crayon shavings onto the wax paper and cover it with another wax paper.
Cover your crayon/wax paper sandwich with a piece of fabric and set your iron to low.
Iron until your wax is melted and spread all out.
Take a piece of construction paper and measure out a frame. You will need a front and a back. 
Don't forget that you can trim your "art" to make it easier to frame if necessary. 
Using white glue, fix the front and back of your frame to your "art."
Find a pair of patterned scissors, if you have them, to trim up the edges and make it cute.
Punch holes in either of the top corners. This is for your hanger.
Using a piece of ribbon or string, make a hanger.
That's it! Find a sunny window in which to display your artwork!