Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Felt Mitten Ornament

I was going through some of my craft stuff, and I came across my stash of felt. It reminded me of a felt mitten Christmas ornament I had seen in one of the rooms at the nursing home where I work. I decided to make a felt mitten ornament of my own!
First I fashioned a mitten pattern out of some scrap paper.
Next I cut two matching mitten shapes out of felt.
I cut some scraps of quilt batting to use as edging on the wrists, and glued them into place. You could also use cotton balls for this, or some scraps of ribbon or felt. White glue or craft glue should work fine for this portion, just let it dry thoroughly.
Next, apply glue to the wrist portion of the wrong side of one of your mitten shapes. I know it shows white glue in the photo, but, believe me, hot glue will work best. Stick some ribbon, thread, string, yarn, or pipe cleaners to the wrist to act as your hanger. Now you can apply glue to the edges and stick your two mitten halves together.
Allow the glue to dry and cool, an then you can add some decoration if you would like.
I just added a button on the wrist of this mitten, but you could use all sorts of things to decorate. Glitter glue, fancy stitches with embroidery floss, sequins, ribbon, rick rack... the sky's the limit! Have fun and happy crafting!