Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Recycled Christmas Card Gift Boxes

If you are like me, you feel bad about throwing your Christmas cards out after the holidays have passed. I used to save my cards in my boxes of Christmas decorations, but I never knew what to do with them, so they would sit there for a year or two, then go in the trash. I had heard that you could make gift boxes by recycling your old greeting cards, so I searched out some instructions. The best tutorial I could find was on about.com: How to Make a Box Out of a Card.

So, first things first, you will need to gather together your supplies. You will need a ruler, a pencil or pen, a sharp pair of scissors, some scotch tape, and your old greeting cards.

Cut the card in half, mark, cut and fold according to the instructions. After your initial box is made and you have learned the formula, it should only take about 15 minutes to make a box.

The resulting box will be big enough to give small gifts such as jewelry, hair barrettes or money.

I made several to show how cute they are! Keep in mind that you can use any kind of greeting card for this project. Thank you cards, birthday, Mother's Day, whatever you want! Just make sure that the main design is in the middle of the card, and there aren't too many words, and you're golden!