Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Scrap Fabric Christmas Cards

Most of the materials for this project can be found lying around in your craft room.  I've got plenty of scraps of fabric on hand at all times, and had a bottle of white glue and blank cards left over from another project. Tools you will need for this project are: pinking shears, an old paint brush and a small disposable container.

First, use your pinking shears to cut your scraps of fabric into thin strips. Cut enough strips of green to fill the front of your card, leaving enough space for a brown scrap stump at the bottom and a yellow scrap star at the top.

Trim your green scraps so that they form the shape of the body of the tree.

Squeeze a dollop of white glue into your disposable container and add enough water to thin it to the consistency of acrylic paint. Turn each strip over on a sheet of newspaper and paint the wrong side of the fabric with glue.
Position, stick down and smooth each strip until the body of the tree is formed. Repeat with your tiny yellow bit for your star, and measure out a brown bit for your stump and glue it in place as well. Allow to dry, and write your sentiment inside!