Thursday, December 3, 2015

Paint and Button Christmas Cards

I had some leftover cards, buttons, and glue from my button Christmas cards, and some metallic green paint that's been sitting in a drawer for years. I decided to combine them all and make more Christmas cards! You will also need brown paint, a ruler, a pencil, a pair of sharp scissors, a sheet of paper, tape, and a sponge brush.

Use your paper, ruler, pencil and scissors to make a stencil. Cut your stripes far enough apart to allow enough space to glue the buttons in between.

Tape the stencil in place and use your sponge brush to dab your green paint evenly over the stripes you have cut out.

After your stripes have dried, arrange and glue your buttons in place. Reserve a yellow button for your star, and refrain from using them in the body of the tree.

Make a stencil for your stump and use your brown paint to dab a stump under the tree.

I added a few sequins to add some zazz, and to cover up some paint splotches.