Thursday, December 18, 2014

Braided Christmas Card Display

I got my first Christmas card of the season the other day, and excitedly tore through my remaining Christmas decor in order to find my display I made several years ago. Unfortunately for me I couldn't find it. Fortunately for you I will show you how to make another one. All you will need is some Christmas-y colors of yarn, and some pin-style clothes pins.

Start out by measuring out nine strands of yarn, a few yards of each. Two yards is probably pretty good. I measured out closer to four, and ended up using around three.
Hold the ends of all your yarn strands together and tie a knot to hold them all together. Divide your yarn into three groups of three strands. You make the three groups out of three strands of each color or mix the colors together like I have here.
Begin braiding the strands together. It is helpful if you stand during the first part of braiding, as it will help you work the tangles out to the end where they are more easily dealt with. Please note that at the beginning of the braiding, you will need to stop frequently to work out the tangles. If you don't take care of them frequently you will end up with a terrible mess!
When you reach the end of your yarn, or your desired length, you will need to tie another knot.
Wrap the yarn around your two fingers, just above the end of the braiding, and pass the loose end through to form a knot.
Trim the ends of the yarn so that they are even.

Tack your braid up on the wall and, using the clothes pins, attach your Christmas cards. The braid should be just the right size to hold your card firmly in the slot of the clothes pin.