Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Tied Scrap Fabric Christmas Trees

These Christmas ornaments were inspired by the Scrap Ribbon Tree Ornaments from Fireflies and Mud Pies. I didn't have any green ribbon lying around, but I did have lots of scraps of green fabric to work with, so I decided to go that route. Using my pinking shears I cut the fabric up into thin strips.I took some pruners out into the yard and found some sticks that the goats hadn't chewed all the bark off of. (Hey, these look like branches from the fruit trees. I hope those goats can explain how that happened!) I trimmed up the sticks and set about building my trees.

It was a little more difficult with fabric than with ribbon, as some of the fabric is not double-sided, and none of it is as stiff as ribbon is. I carefully tied the fabric onto my stick, taking care that the right sides ended up showing, then starched and ironed the fabric to give it some body. I had some spray-on starch that I never use on my clothing. Ever.

Next I used my pinking shears to trim the fabric into the shape of a tree. It's sort of a crooked tree, but I find it to be quite whimsical and cute.

I decided that it needed a little pizazz, so I found some tinsel to make a shiny topper. Before gluing my topper on, I tied some cording around the top to use as a hanger. I applied the hot glue directly over the knot in my cording to stick it down, and to stick the tinsel down too.

I think it turned out pretty cute! I've got plenty more of the materials, so maybe I will make some more!