Saturday, December 13, 2014

Button Christmas Cards

A local group made cards like these and delivered them to the residents at the nursing home where I work. I liked the idea so much, I decided to make some of my own! You can make a whole lot of cards for just a little bit of money. I bought the supplies I didn't already have for around $11 at Wal-mart. 25 half-fold cards cost about $8, 130 buttons cost about $2, and a bottle of glue was around 75 cents. I already had some leftover sequins, a few permanent 
markers, and a ruler on hand.

First, draw a few vertical lines starting at the top of the card. You can decide how far down, how many, or how far apart yourself. I decided that four looked good, and gave them random heights.

Once your lines are drawn, draw a small rectangle at the end of each. This will be where your button ornaments "attach" to their "hangers."

Using a small amount of white glue, glue each button to the "hangers" you've drawn. Make sure that the button overlaps the rectangle you drew just a tiny bit.

Make your "Merry Christmas," "Happy Holidays," "Season's Greetings" or whatever message you would like along the bottom of the card, under the "ornaments."

You can also write a message, or the second part to the message you started on the front, inside the card.

Once I wrote my message on my card I decided that it needed a little zazz, so I glued a few sequins onto the front at random intervals.

I haven't sent Christmas cards out for a number of years, but I decided to send them out this year. This is a fun project to do with kids to send to their friends, family, or to some sort of charitable organization. Nursing homes, children's hospitals, homeless shelters, or homes for those with disabilities are all good places to send your homemade cards. Those folks will really appreciate the time, effort, and thoughtfulness of your project.