Thursday, December 11, 2014

Plastic Canvas Bookworm Book Marks

Willie made one of the little fellows when he was a youngster,  and I decided to figure out how to reproduce it.  I made myself a book worm, and I thought it would be a cute project to make for kids, or to help kids make for someone else. Sorry for the hand drawn pattern, but I had to sort of reverse-engineer this little guy. The black lines are your cutting lines. It's hard to tell, but his red mouth is on the second row from the bottom of his head. The colors listed in the pattern are just suggestions. If you find a wormy color combination that you would like to use, go for it! I have used green, yellow, orange, and brown, and any shade of each color. Just put together what looks good to you!

Bookworm shape
First, cut out your bookworm shape from 7-mesh plastic canvas. Trim off all the little pegs left over from cutting.

Stitch his stripes first
This handsome brown model just needs a face!

I like to make his stripes first, and then fill in the main colors, so, using one of your contrasting colors, stitch on the stripe on his butt, then switch to your next contrasting color for his next stripe.

Stitch his head, but leave spaces to stitch on his eyes, nose and mouth. If you forget to leave a space for his nose, don't fear! Just put a french knot there, and no one will know the difference!

Once all his details are stitched on, you just have to finish his edges. His body and antennae get finished with your main color, and his head gets finished with its matching color (orange, in my pattern.)

The worm at top is Willie's, bottom is my first attempt to recreate.